MARKATOR® Manfred Borries GmbH
We are experts in durable and economic marking of industrial parts to help eliminate forgery. We have been developing and manufacturing high-quality systems for dot peen marking, scribe marking and conventional marking for nearly 30 years.
MARKATOR® Manfred Borries GmbH
Bunsenstr.15,D-71642 Ludwigsburg
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About the Company

Since 1984, MARKATOR® Manfred Borries GmbH has developed high quality commercial dot peen and scribe marking systems for industrial parts. Next to portable marking systems, the company designs user-friendly systems that can be easily integrated into automated production lines. MARKATOR®’s high standards for customer service provide professional marking systems for your business and reduce industrial forgery.


Products & Services

MARKATOR® produces a range of equipment designed for commercial, durable marking.Product range includes pneumatic and electric dot peen, scribe, and data matrix coding, as well as a number of conventional methods like hot stamping or pressure marking. Available appliances include small, hand-held portable units used for manual marking as well as stationary units that can be integrated into existing production lines. The latest software technology combined with the wide selection of equipment offers maximum marking speed, quality, and conformance for all projects.


Key Advantages

-  Compact design of battery operated and portable, hand-held marking units available for a wide range of projects

-  Marking units for integration in production lines are equipped with linear guides and control technologies for high-speed, precise engravings

-  2-dimensional data matrix coding available for machine-readable marking

-  User-friendly units include high resolution color display and touch as well as marking preview options

-  Service-oriented team offers fast and uncomplicated support

-  Extensive experience with clients such as Daimler, Ford, Audi, BMW, Opel, GM, Porsche, VW, Bosch and more

-  ISO Certified since 2004


Partnership Opportunities

MARKATOR® would like to collaborate with auto manufacturers and suppliers that require commercial marking, including examples such as:

-  Car body panels

-  Exhaust systems

-  Motor- and gearbox components

-  Brake systems

-  Chassis frame

-  Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Serial Identification Number, etc.